The Condor Barong Machete has a leaf shaped 14″ blade of black epoxy coated 1075 carbon steel that is thicker than most machetes. The handle is molded-on polypropylene and it includes a black leather belt sheath that has a hinged loop to allow the sheath to lay parallel to the thigh when the wearer is seated.

The machete is the all-purpose outdoor tool; it can chop, cut, skin animals, dig, plane (reduce the thickness of a piece of wood and/or shave to a flat surface) when used as a draw knife, start fires by striking a ferrocerium rod, and more. A good quality machete can do much of the work an axe or tomahawk would normally do with little or no more effort and often a considerable savings in weight. I have heard the statement that, for the North American continent, a 14″ machete will take care of just about any task short of chopping down a sizable tree, and I agree. A 14″ blade length machete will provide excellent utility in a compact package, while an 18″ blade will provide a bit more reach and leverage. The machete blade is often thinner by design than other machete-like tools, such as goloks and parangs, but that does not mean it must be weak. The key is to have a well tempered carbon steel blade and not an overly thin or poorly tempered bargain basement stainless steel or carbon steel model that will let you down in the field. This Condor product is well made, robust, and will serve you well for years. (MSRP $49.98) POS Price $41.57

Overall Length 19 1/4″
Blade Length 14″
Blade Thickness 3/16″
Blade Finish Black Epoxy Powder Coat
Weight 1.34 lbs.