Looking Forward

As usual there are changes afoot at Proxima Outdoor Supply. Many are good and some could be better. Read on for some updates.

WHY HAVEN’T WE SEEN YOU LATELY? We have decided to stop attending live events (area shows – gun & knife, self-reliance, etc) for now. The Events tab above contains links to sites listing Dallas – Ft. Worth area shows for your convenience.

My original intent was to develop an online informational website and store, supplying good quality equipment for extended outdoor living, off grid homesteads, and survival at a good price; real tools for real people, as I’ve said before. Once a base was established, we would branch out from there. Many of the subscribers to Backwoods Home Magazine (BHM), where we advertised for over a year, called requesting a hard copy catalog, as a lot of them did not have internet connections. Trying to accommodate those requests we learned that a hard copy catalog is a lot more work and takes far longer to implement than expected. That is still an ongoing source of pain.

We became much more involved with live events than originally intended. This was good in many ways, but there was an overall downturn as of last summer. It was not just us, and most of the other attendees at area gun & knife shows said they too had the bottom fall out of their sales last summer. This became a serious money losing proposition, so the live events, both good and bad, have been put on hold for now. We will see how that works out in the future, but too many things were pulling us in too many directions to do any of them well, so choices needed to be made. One of which was whether even to continue Proxima Outdoor Supply.

Once the frustration fog cleared a bit, I decided to focus on areas that have the best potential for success and return to the original vision for the company. I will miss the familiar faces of a growing number of regulars that dropped by our tables at the shows to chat, and I hope they kept the business cards they picked up and find us here. But we are not just treading water. Things are moving forward.

THE HARD COPY CATALOG IS COMING. Our ad in Backwoods Home Magazine (if you are not familiar with them, then you should be — check them out at www.backwoodshome.com) generated numerous requests for a hard copy catalogs. There are a number of people interested in our supplies that are without Internet access, people living off grid, or as one woman put it in her voice message, “living miles back in the woods”. We are in the process of creating a hard copy catalog, though it hasn’t happened yet, all good intentions aside. If you want to get on the mailing list, then send us an email with a subject of “Catalog” or call us at at 972-231-PROX (972-231-7769), and leave your name and mailing address.

ADVERTISING IS LEAVING… FOR NOW. Sadly, I have dropped all print advertising for now. I hoped to be able to expand the print advertising at the first of the year, but we are reorganizing and reevaluating. I plan to again advertise in several magazines in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.

NEW PRODUCTS ARE BEING ADDED. We have a number of new manufacturers and product lines being added as well as offering a broader supply of some lines we already handled, such as Elite First Aid, Sawyer water filters, and other supplies.

NEW PRODUCT CATEGORIES ARE BEING ADDED. One of my primary contentions has always been that everyone that goes into the back country far from civilized infrastructure for an extended period of time, and anyone that is serious about learning to survive any potential extended disaster, should learn primitive survival skills. Those people need to learn how to live without the modern tools and equipment, then adding the modern tools and equipment can empower them to do more and live better. It is always possible for tools and equipment to break or somehow be lost. Prepared people will have the knowledge and skills to persevere.

Many of those skills are the same as used by our forefathers not much more than a century past, and many of those skills are still practiced by historical reenactors and living history enthusiasts, as well as taught in the military. We will be adding more items in support of these areas.

I have not forgotten the higher tech areas, either, so stay tuned.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ARTICLES? I am trying to get back to a number of articles that have been laying around the virtual desk half finished, so keep an eye on the Articles section (via the tab above). Currently in process: “Hierarchy of Survival: What Can Kill You The Fastest” – “Making Sense of Water Filtration and Purification Methods” – “Skills and Equipment: Primitive to Modern”. These contain good information to which I want you to have access, but the catalog issues – online and hard copy – have to take priority for now.

THE NEW ONLINE CATALOG FORMAT IS UP, BUT MANY LINKS AND PAGES ARE STILL “IN PROCESS” (That means broken.) Progress is still slow, and I have received more than one email asking when a specific area of the catalog would be straightened out so they could place an order. If you are interested in any product not listed, or in a product area “under construction” that cannot be viewed, then you can always send an email, and I will create a product page and email it back to you possibly with a link as well. Thanks again for putting up with the reorganization. The new structure is a bit more logical and looks like this.

_ CATALOG – Photo and title links to major categories

____ CATEGORIES – with subcategories by manufacturer – example: Knives, Water, Shelter, etc.

______ MANUFACTURER SUBCATEGORY – example: CONDOR Knives; SAWYER Water Filters; etc.

________ PRODUCT PAGES – example: CONDOR Bushcraft Basic Knife; SAWYER All-In-One Filter; etc.

Our Goals

At Proxima Outdoor Supply (POS) we strive to supply your needs for times when you have no access to civilized infrastructure; thus the core needs for sustained outdoor living. That effort spans weekend hikes and camping trips to off grid living to short- or long-term disaster scenarios and everything in between! It covers both modern equipment, traditional equipment, and needs for primitive survival. Whether you are making prudent preparations for possible disaster survival, preparing to go to a disaster area to provide assistance, putting together your kit for an extended hiking or trekking adventure, or just getting ready for vacation, we will try to supply not only your needs via our online Catalog but provide helpful information, as well. (See our Articles section.)

This website is an evolving effort, so there will be gaps as the initial inventory fills out and then changes over time. The initial inventory was partly based on a Hierarchy of Survival. The hierarchy is a listing by priority of things in the wilderness and disaster situations that can kill you with the most critical issues first and the least critical further down the list. But even such a hierarchy is flexible depending on the situation. Around a volcanic eruption even breathing becomes top priority, while it is taken for granted in most other scenarios; getting lost or injured during a hike where search teams will be looking for you means different needs than surviving natural disasters; in very cold conditions warmth and shelter outweigh the immediate need for water; in a hostile environments, whether from animals with four or two legs, physical security becomes a primary factor; and so forth. (Read more on Hierarchy of Survival – coming soon in the Articles section.)

Future plans include a section for first responders; one for amateur radio operators (I am a general class ham -  KE5VOC); one for those going into disaster areas; another for those with tactical environment needs; another for trekkers and minimalists, those going beyond the marked trails, on extended duration hikes, or who are interested in an ultralight equipment load; and still others still on the drawing board. If you do not see what you need here, then be sure to ask! Your feedback will point out areas we need to address, and we can get far more items for you than we have listed, so let us know if you do not see what you are looking for. We can always be reached through info@proxima-supply.com.

Two Main Principles:

1. Our Products.

We strive to supply “real equipment for real people” – equipment that will function as expected and not let you down when you are depending on it but will not break you financially, either. You will not find any $12.95 survival knives that will break when your life depends on them. You will not find fire starters that do not start fires. You will not find ANY item that does not do the job for which it is intended.

We try to keep the pricing of our items within a reasonable range, thus our real tools for real people mantra, but we only have so much control over that. Good quality products often carry a higher price tag, plus some manufacturers have a minimum advertised price (MAP) they allow to be published. And the unfortunate truth is that the US dollar fluctuates and imported items and materials prices are affected. While price is one indicator, there are high quality items and lesser quality items in every price category, and there is no way to ensure perfect performance of all products. We can never know how well an item was fabricated and have to rely on reviews, manufacturer statements, maker reputations, and of course your feedback. Nor do we know how you will use an item, whether it is a tactical or survival knife, a tent, a cook stove, or any piece of gear. We can only attempt to find the best possible products for their function and encourage you to learn how to use them, and to practice that use, well ahead of any possible critical need. If something will fall short of expectations, then it is far better to discover that on a weekend camp-out or a two week hiking trip than in a sustained survival or tactical situation!

But equipment can only take you so far. Knowledge and a realistic outlook are your best tools. If the unexpected happens, if the worst case scenario occurs, do you have the skills and knowledge to adapt, overcome and survive? Our best suggestion is to learn and practice primitive survival skills, and then you can be confident in any outdoor situation. When you have this deeper level of skill, the modern equipment will enable you to do more and do it better. We strive to offer equipment that will empower people and on which they can depend. (Read more in the “Skills & Equipment” article — coming soon)

A word about imports. We try to lean the inventory toward products Made in the USA, but imported items are a fact of life today. Many old and recognizable brand names are now either importing their products or having their manufacturing or assembly done overseas. There are some countries we have absolutely no hesitation with, and there are some countries we simply do not trust. The issues hinge on quality of materials, quality of manufacturing and quality control in general, and, especially for hand made products, the level of craftsmanship. If the manufacturing process is good, and if the the quality control ensures a consistently high level product, then there is no problem importing from them. Taiwan is one such country, and we offer a number of product lines manufactured there: Smith and Wesson knives, some Ka-Bar knives, and NDuR compasses are a few examples. We also offer a number of products made in Europe: Aitor and Muela are high quality Spanish knife makers, Snugpak in England is a top of the line commercial and military issue camp and pack gear maker, Esbit stoves and gear from Germany, and of course Swiss Army Knives from Victorinox and Wenger. Condor Tool & Knife in El Salvador, originally started by an old established company from Solingen Germany and now part of Imacasa, is one of our core lines, producing excellent quality, hard working, and reasonably priced edged tools made on German equipment using German and English steels. Both U.S.-made and imported products are constantly evaluated for functionality and reliability, and only the ones that “make the cut” remain in our inventory listing. Knives were used in many of these examples, but the same principle extends to other tools, optics, water filters, camp gear, etc.

2. Our Warranty.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, ever, then return it with the original purchase receipt for a full refund of the purchase price, excluding any shipping charges. It is preferred that the item be in original condition and able to be resold, with the original box, etc, but I understand that you may only become unsatisfied after using it for a while, so this is not a requirement. The only minor restriction is if an item has obviously been abused. Using a product to the extreme limit of its function is understandable and should be approved, but I, Michael Garrett owner of Proxima Outdoor Supply, will be the sole judge of whether I feel something was abused or used beyond reason. But even abused items will receive either a store credit of equal value to the original purchase price toward any item from current inventory, or a 50% cash refund of the original purchase price, as YOU choose, again excluding any shipping costs. But only once in the case of abused items; return that replacement item again in abused condition and no refund. So aside from repeated abuse, your satisfaction is guaranteed. That is our warranty. Period. Save those receipts so we can fulfill that warranty promise. If you do not have the receipt, then we will try to find a record of the sale from this end. If we can, then that will suffice. If you purchased the item from us at a live event and did not get a receipt, we will try to verify it and help you out. So contact us, and we’ll see what we can do. But replacement or refund is the full extent to which we can warranty our products.

Legal Notices

Customers must be 18 years of age to purchase edged tools on this website, including but not limited to knives, machetes, axes and tomahawks, swords, spears, and similar implements, and by placing an order for any edged tool, you, the purchaser, are stating and giving assurance that you are at least 18 years old. By purchasing from this website you further agree to use all knives and edged tools purchased here in accordance with the laws of your city/county/state/province/country, and your purchase indicates and assures that any products you order are legal for you to own, and that it is legal for Proxima Outdoor Supply to ship such products to your location.

By purchasing from Proxima Outdoor Supply, a division of Proxima Development LLC, you acknowledge that we have no control over the manufacturing processes for items we sell nor the manner in which you will use the products. You further agree that any use of products purchased on this website is at your own risk and discretion, and you agree Proxima Outdoor Supply, Proxima Development LLC, its owner, or its employees cannot and will not be held responsible for any use, misuse, inability to use, accidents, injuries, failure to function, or problems of any kind related to any product, and that the purchaser’s sole recourse in the event of dissatisfaction, failure of function, or results from such product failure, is limited to and our liability will extend no farther than the refund for or replacement of the product as stated in our warranty above.

Once again, it is strongly encouraged that you learn to use, test, and practice using any product before you must depend on that product, whether such dependence means working or recreational activities, camping, hiking, hunting, providing comfort and camp chores, or sustaining your life or others’ lives in a survival or tactical situation. Find out if it works as you expect before you need it! If a product has an obvious manufacturing fault, then it may be best to contact the manufacturer directly, and we will gladly assist you with this, but our liability will extend no farther than replacement of the product or refund of the purchase price, as stated in our warranty above.

All material in this online catalog is copyright 2013, 2014 by M. B. Garrett and may not be reproduced without written consent, except in accordance with copyright law (e.g.. for educational purposes, etc).

Catalog Sales

Proxima Outdoor Supply was started as a web-only business, but that is expanding. We have had numerous requests for a hard copy catalog, especially from those without Internet access. In response to this a catalog is being developed, it is intended to be mailed twice a year in the spring and the fall, and flyers may be mailed at various times for sales (discount) events. You can be added to our mailing list by sending an email request or calling our office at the number below. If you call to request a catalog, then be sure to leave your mailing address. Oddly, some people don’t.

Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards (Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover), checks, and money orders, so if you use plastic or not, we are ready to fulfill your order. Do not send cash via mail, but we gladly accept it at live events! Credit cards are cleared by PayPal for our website purchases, and you DO NOT need to have a PayPal account to use the online shopping cart. Card purchases at live events are processed through Square, another credit card clearing agency.  In either case, you will find Proxima Development, PROXIMADEV, PROXDEV, or some similar name on your credit card statement, as Proxima Outdoor Supply is a division of Proxima Development LLC. Please note that checks can take up to a week or more to clear, but usually less these days, and we will ship your order as soon as our bank shows your check has cleared. Any check returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF) will incur a $35 Returned Check Fee.

If you prefer, we are glad to accept credit card orders by phone, as well, but our office hours vary, depending on other business commitments. We try to ensure someone is available from 12:00 (noon) to 20:00 (8:00 PM) Central Time Monday – Thursday for phone contact and orders at 972-231-PROX (972-231-7769). If you call and receive the answering machine, then please leave a message as to the purpose of your call as well as your contact information, and we will try to return your call as soon as possible. If you are calling to request a catalog, then be sure to leave your mailing address. Just saying “I need a catalog” and hanging up (it has happened!) will not work.


©2013,2014 M. B. Garrett